Saturday, January 30, 2010

Personal Data Collections, Analysis, and Visualization

I am extremely excited about this new vain of "reserach" that i've found.  Collecting and Analyzing/Visualizing personal data.  I'm also writing this post because I've run across enough websites and services that I want some kind of reference so I don't have to remember all of them.

First, I found  I've looked into this the most so far, and have only glanced at other services such as, and  There's a couple of characteristics which will shape my decision as to which service(s) I want to use.

At one end of the spectrum of personal data collection, we can imagine a 1984-like deal, where it's completely open.  On the other side, you can authorize everything.  It seems that these services have started from the authorization side of things.  It seems that a big part of this competition is ease of use... then visualization.  We'll see - I've only been at this for a bit (couple hours now).  See, I could've logged that time, but it's just not convenient enough yet.

Similar data sites:

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