Thursday, June 17, 2010

Guess what world??? I'm an actor! ... i48 Boise

I'm not sure nodding counts.  I do a great job being a random dude.

Check it out... my spot starts at 1:29 and goes all the way to 1:30.5

I actually had a line, but I'm not a very good actor, and I'm glad they cut it... I think it's creative and lil funny they still put a random scene there.  I did suggest the "Dirty glass for a dirty job" line though.

Booklamp's neighbors, Yellow Box Studio, did the short film for a 48 hour film festival.  There were 50-someodd entries ($50/ea), and participants receive a genre, character, prop, and one line of dialog - each of these must be used in the film... all music must be original.  And you have 48 hours to submit your short film.

Title: "Marshall Law"

Genre: Action/Thriller

Character: Casper Marshall, Attorney

Prop: white angel statuete

Dialog: "It's not like they're going to arrest you."

Marshall Law / 48hour film from Yellow Box Studio on Vimeo.

16 films made the showing last Sunday Night and "Marshall Law" was one of them.  I'd've guessed there wer 2-300 people (or more) in attendance.  Yellow Box got an award for best cinematography, and I walked down with them anyways... that was kinda cool.  I wonder if anybody was like, "hey, that's the random bartender with a coat and tie and no shirt." ... Actually that scene did draw a good laugh from the audience.

I'm happy they guys at Yellow Box let me hang around and help out where I could.  I held some lights and a diffuser and some other random stuff.  It was a good time.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

World Cup Tracker and Increasingly Productive Water Cooler Talk

Have something tangible to talk about around the water cooler when the World Cup takes off.  Mint Digital says it will deliver it's World Cup Tracker in time for this year's tournament.

Mint Digital hasn't revealed precisely what sort of data a user will be privy to, but I imagine a casual conversation about the US's match vs. England might call for a more informed dialog if you're using the World Cup Tracker.

Before: "The US seemed to do very well in the midfield, but Rooney was able to drop back quite a bit and help England stifle the US midfiled - England did well adjusting to our gameplan."

After: "The US dominated midfield possession in the first 15 min, 70%/30%.  But, the remainder of the half, Rooney spend 50% more time in the midfield than in the first 15 min - a calculated tactical change, of course."

I have no idea if England actually uses Rooney this way, but I think it makes a decent example.  My suspicion is that Rooney really spends most of his time on the last defenseman.  The example conversation might be more believable if it turned out that England was up 2-0 by the 15 min mark... however, if that's the case, it's very unlikely that the US midfield will have "dominated midfield possession ... 70%/30%" at that time.

Anything could happen... the US could win.

Pick o' the Post: "Ole"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Aerosmith Picks

This has very little to do with words, but the lyrics are great.  I can't believe I've never taken the time to listen to Aerosmith and Joe Perry.  Aside from the more technical side of things that define progressive genres today, I've tried to develop what "progressive blues" might be, and this is about as close as fits the path I've imagined... but it's from 1973.. ?  yeah.. i've got a lot to learn, I guess.  So far my first exposure to non-mainstream Aerosmith sounds very cool.

Grooveshark just grooved on over to "Write Me a Letter" and the progressive sound is composed so well around a very traditional blues sound.  Stephen Tyler's voice is just plain cool.  Very briefly, this track felt a bit slow, but the whole band keeps making up for it in pristine blues rock 'n roll.

"Movin Out" just started.  Reflecting on this track (and the ones up to here), Clutch sounds very similar; still not Aerosmith.  "Moving Out" is okay.  It's very 'steady', but probably my least favorite track to this point - it has it's moments, but they're brief.

Also, if didn't know this was Aerosmith, I'd guess that the first track, "Make It", was a KISS song - tyler's voice is a giveaway tho.

Pick o' the Post:  "One Way Street" by Aerosmith on Aerosmith (1973)