Tuesday, May 11, 2010

-In the long run, it's your theory that's dead.

You know what I really liked about Econ?  It wasn't macroeconomics.  I actually learned very little about macroeconomics - not entirely my fault.  It had to be the (visiting) professor's first time teaching (over from Iceland).  We couldn't understand him and he was very soft-spoken and I could barely pronounce his name.  A whisper and an accent.  I learned very little, and it all seemed as if economists spent 50 years crawling down an attractive rabbit hole.

I did take a course on the History of Economic Thought, which was very revealing.  I will probably never read another 500-page book in my life, but I read "The Origin of Wealth" - a bit about evolutionary economics, but mostly it just challenged and looked for solutions to the field's weaknesses.  The next time you're thinking, "I just want a good 500-page book on heterodox economics...", this book's for you.  Or, if a course syllabus lists it, I guess I'd recommend it.

"That won't be necessary.  I am the agenda."

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