Monday, June 7, 2010

Aerosmith Picks

This has very little to do with words, but the lyrics are great.  I can't believe I've never taken the time to listen to Aerosmith and Joe Perry.  Aside from the more technical side of things that define progressive genres today, I've tried to develop what "progressive blues" might be, and this is about as close as fits the path I've imagined... but it's from 1973.. ?  yeah.. i've got a lot to learn, I guess.  So far my first exposure to non-mainstream Aerosmith sounds very cool.

Grooveshark just grooved on over to "Write Me a Letter" and the progressive sound is composed so well around a very traditional blues sound.  Stephen Tyler's voice is just plain cool.  Very briefly, this track felt a bit slow, but the whole band keeps making up for it in pristine blues rock 'n roll.

"Movin Out" just started.  Reflecting on this track (and the ones up to here), Clutch sounds very similar; still not Aerosmith.  "Moving Out" is okay.  It's very 'steady', but probably my least favorite track to this point - it has it's moments, but they're brief.

Also, if didn't know this was Aerosmith, I'd guess that the first track, "Make It", was a KISS song - tyler's voice is a giveaway tho.

Pick o' the Post:  "One Way Street" by Aerosmith on Aerosmith (1973)

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