Tuesday, April 6, 2010

IBM Many Bills

I stumbled across IBM's newest data app... Many Bills.  Haven't had a chance to thoroughly check it out, but it appears to make the perusal and consumption of the many thousands of pages that bills can consist of, a somewhat less daunting task.

I'm really starting to like IBM's perspective on our world, in the midst of a paradigm shift.  IBM's previous data creation for all of us to enjoy was Many Eyes, which allows users to analyze and visualize public and user-uploaded data.  There's only one other company I'd want to work for when it comes to data... Booklamp.org

Pick o' the Post:  "Heir Apparent" by Opeth on Watershed (2008)

PS Here's a neat little real-time news app that supposed to show where news is coming from and some other info... haven't gotten too far into it, because it doesn't have anything to do with my job (I'm at work).

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