Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Cool Processing Creations

I've begun my introduction to Processing, and have been searching the interwebs for cool little pieces of art produced in the environment.  I came across a couple that I think are worth sharing.  They're not exactly dataviz related, but they are a pretty stunning use of Processing.  This one appears to show the movie (?5th Element?) frame by frame across a wall.  I found this:

This one's a little weird, unless you're into (very) modern interpretive dance... interpretive augmented reality?

Here's an audio visualization of a song.  I can't tell if the entire thing is programmed, or if it's more.. custom to the song - where a lyric's appearance was crafted to appear when it did.  I think some iTunes (and WinMedia Player) visualizations have tried to incorporate song lyrics into their graphics, but I haven't seen one that's really awed me much.  This one seems ok tho...

I can't wait to work this into my analyst's toolkit.  Simply from the one tutorial I've completed, I can tell there's a LOT still to learn.  I don't need to know it all, which helps, but the things I do need to learn are going to take some time.

Pick o' the Post:  Cold Shot by Stevie Ray Vaughan on Couldn't Stand the Weather

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