Sunday, February 14, 2010

Calculating Words


I can assure you that word is a calculated one.  I put it there so you could read it.  Now tell your children - jk.

I just finished watching an entire documentary about this word - it was called, "Fuck."  There was an obvious attempt at making the conversation two-sided, but it was just as apparent that the makers of the film were not... prudes.

Beyond that single word-of-curse, I really like using all of them.  I like changin' 'em up, and making my own words out of em.  One of the best examples of this is Bobby Bowden's identifying, "Dagnamit!" ... obviously a euphemism for "Goddamnit!"  But this way, he can save face and retain the Christian image that he portrays.  I don't mean to say that he's being cowardly or anything like that - I love Bobby with all my heart, and I'm really fuckin' annoyed with Jim Smith for coming out and saying that he needed to go - that bastard.

Anyway; I was saying.  I remember my father mentioning something that occasionally comes to mind when I use words like fuck and shit, and whatever else just pops into mind.  What he told me seems to ring true in most cases where I hear/use words like this.  He told me, "Curse words are used when our vocabulary fails us."  Well, I don't remember exactly what he said, but it was right along those lines - and that definitely sounds like him.

These words can be meaningful, but in most cases they seem to find their use in eliciting emotion, rather than delivering an accurate representation of what you mean to say.  Of course there's also validity in meaning to elicit emotion in such a way, but it would seem that these words find their use in arbitrary contexts more often than a "valid" context.  So, what is a "valid" context then.  I'm not really sure, outside of the word's literal meaning; but in retrospect, when someone's applauded for their poignant and calculated use of certain curse words, maybe that's a "valid" context.  Not really sure.

Regardless, they're only words and we will continue to fight about them.  It's sort of fun to be honest.  It's like there's a supply and a demand for these words, and "fuck" is just really scarce (considering the situation - i.e., the audience of a concert hall).  So I leave you with a possibly more valuable word in this market of curse:


Pick o' the Post #9: "Satan Will Rape You on Valentine's Day" by Cunt Amputation

I normally wouldn't recommend such a ridiculous song by such a ridiculous band, but it's valentine's day and this one's for all the single dudes out there... and all the single girls who might prefer Satan to the unbearable reality that you are alone.  hehe - jk.

Happy Valentine's Day

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  1. Dude. Well delivered. I don't normally use swear words with calculating precision. I usually feel like they're filler words when I'm ranting. I'd like to see more examples of them used in meaningful ways.