Friday, February 12, 2010

What!? The BC Olympics are only accessible to arbitrarily fortunate few!? ... many really, but F#$*!!

If you know me, I love just about anything athletic.  Curling's sort of on the fringe of that preference, but I'll watch it if nothing else's on.  That said, I've been pretty pumped about the Winter Olympics... then March Madness (streamed by CBS)... then the World Cup in S. Africa (???).  This was certainly shaping up to be a great year for athletics.

Uhhh... no.  I just got a big boot in my ass today when I learned that NBC's taken up the ESPN360 business model, and Qwest is proving to be pretty gay about these affiliations - at least ESPN360 and now these Olympics.

Something doesn't feel right about this.  Of course, many people have televisions, and I'm part of a minority who will consequently end up on JTV watching crappy streams that NBC will continuously shut down.  What's wrong with this picture?  It's the Winter Olympics, not the NBC Olympics, right?

Oh wait, I can follow the live twitter/blog updates from the Games!  Bullshit.  I am so enraged right now.

Give me a Google-sponsored Olympics.  NBC can kiss my ass.

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