Friday, February 5, 2010

My BB Storm has it's own (secret) agenda... and why I despise it.

BEH BEH BEH BEH BEH - my alarms going off, and my phone just (auto) turned on.  Time to log check any emails/msgs I received for whatever reason between the late hour I go to sleep and 8a.  I need to log some data at through twitter.  And... wha?  you're busy!  What the hell could you be doing!  I don't have (auto) "do stuff" turned on.  God I hate this phone!

There's only so much rant that can go on about what my phone's doing, because I have no idea.  It's got a secret agenda that I am not aware of.  I feel like I've got Windows running on my phone.  It's very annoying.  This fall my contract runs out and I will be getting an iPhone, something I can trust, and that doesn't suck.

How can you calculate words on a phone that just wants to calculate its own bulls#@%! ... oh look, I got a new message, not I get to helplessly watch that damned red light flash away my battery.  Really, it's not that much battery - I just needed something to fill in the blank.  And, damn I'm pissed off.



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