Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So my roommate first introduced me to mousepath (Mac, Windows), a java applet that tracks your mouse's activity as you use your comp.  FlowingData mentioned this already, but when I first was told about this and saw some of the output I definitely thought, "Jackson Pollack."  It's a fun little novelty.

So I created one while I was working this afternoon, and another while I was playing a random multiplayer RPG later at night:


You can see I do a lot of scrolling up by the tabs, and all the corners are from using expose and spaces on my macbook.  There's also a bunch of lines straight across in the middle of the image... I tend to highlight text as I read - prolly a bad habbit.


So this is me playing Neverwinter Nights with the BookLamp crew.  I can't make much out if it, except it's obvious that I was playing a windowed version of the game, because there's not much action outside that "box".  All the little dots (rather than the big ones from work) are from constantly moving and clicking my character around.  If I recall, the size of the dot represent the time that the mouse sat idle.

Interesting way to represent usage on a computer.

Pick o' the Day #8: "Wild Man" by Galactic on ya-ka-may (sorry, no link... yet)

A little short on lyrics, but I like the beat.

This album was released today, and I got to hear a bit of it on NPR, so I decided to see if the vinyl was available because I enjoyed what I had heard.  I enjoyed about half the album.  I likes the more groovy, bluesey-esque songs.  The turn-off was the dragging "rap" tracks scattered throughout.

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